20 Reasons to Choose The Premium Institute of Bartending.

1. get link The ONLY Bartender School in DFW that gets click here EVERY student working behind a real bar BEFORE they even graduate.

2. source Thousands of Graduates Placed in Bartending Positions.

3. Free Bartending resume

4. buy calcium carbonate nz FREE Nationwide Job Placement and Retraining Partnerships with over 70 Bartending Schools across the country.

5. DFW’s #1 choice in Bartending Schools since 2007 and only Bartending School with multiple DFW locations.

6. Post-Graduate support that includes access to our on line Graduate Website.

7. On-Site TABC Certification Classes.

8. 100% of our thousands of Graduates have said “Yes” to their graduate survey question, would you refer the program to a friend.

9. ONLY School in DFW to be a member of The Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA).

10. Learn Bartending in a REAL BAR atmosphere, not a classroom.

11. Open Monday thru Saturday for extra practice and FREE Retraining.

12. Learn to pour beer on a Real Draft Beer System.

13. We are not part of a “Chain School”.

14. A full Bar set up to include multiple styles of Bar Stations, in order to get you familiar will all types of bar equipment.

15. ONLY DFW Bartending School to teach students to use Soda Guns with juice and soda and soda guns with just soda. Every bar is different, so you need to ensure you are learning on the latest types of equipment.

16. All the necessary bar equipment including, jockey boxes, store and pours. 14 different types of glassware, ice bins, jiggers, shakers, bar keys, and more.

17. Instructors who care about your success. This includes one-on-one training if needed.

18. Established relationships with Bars, Restaurants, Sport Venues, and more that recruit from our school.

19. A full-time Job Placement Director on site to help you become employed as a Bartender.

20. Approved and Regulated by The Texas Workforce Commission.