Our Exclusive Externship Program

The Premium Institute of Bartending Schools are the ONLY Bartending Schools in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas that require every student complete a minimum of a 2-hour Bartender Extern Program at a local bar or restaurant prior to graduation. These are usually completed at the mid-point of the program.

Why is the Externship a critical part of our Bartending Program?

Whenever someone is entering a technical field, whether it is Bartending, Truck Driving, Cosmetology, or even the Medical Profession, that school’s training includes an Externship (On the Job Training) as part of their training. That is why as the owner of The Premium Institute of Bartending included the Externship requirement as part of our Bartending Program Curriculum. Over the years, our Externship program has allowed us to establish strong relationships with 100’s of local bars and restaurants. It is a WIN/WIN situation. The Bar and Restaurant owners get a preview of their potential Bartender, and our students get real Bartending experience before they graduate. What a great way to put some Bartending experience on your resume.

How the Externship Works?

On the first day of class, the Externship Coordinator meets with every student to schedule the time and location of their Externship. We do our best to match you with an environment that you may want to work in, since many of our students get hired at their Externship site.

At your Externship, you will get to make real drinks for real customers. You will get to interact with the customers, and observe a real point of sale system in use. You will understand how a bar tab is managed and how a service bar is ran. No matter how real Bartending Schools simulates a real Bar, it is no substitute for the real thing.

You will work under the guidance a Lead Bartender or Bar Manager. This allows you to ask questions and observe a real bar in action.

The Externship also allows us to add some Bartending experience to your new resume that WE create for you.

The Externship allows you to graduate with more than just the ABC’s of Bartending.

Graduate Comments


“The Externship was a really cute beachy sport’s bar and grill. They even hired me on the spot.” – Vicki, Arlington

“I loved the experience of the externship the most!” – Daniel, Frisco

“My externship site gave me a job before I even graduated. It was awesome!!!” – Lance, Allen

“My externship allowed me to see & experience what I would be facing once I start my bartending job!” – Haley, Red Oak