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The Premium Institute of Bartending Schools

source url The minimum age required to attend our class and to Bartend in Texas is 18.


Bartending Schools in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

how to buy gabapentin online Welcome to The Premium Institute of Bartending School, with locations in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.

There is no doubt about it, there is a DIFFERENCE between us and the rest:

buy accutane 20 mg We are the ONLY Dallas/Fort Worth Bartending School that puts you behind a real bar to work as a Bartender before you even graduate due to our Exclusive Externship Program.

We are the ONLY Bartending School to have locations in Dallas as Fort Worth.

Learn more about our Externship Program.

First of all, before enrolling at any Dallas or Fort Worth Bartending School, make sure that you tour The Premium Institute of Bartending Schools, talk to our current students and graduates, and watch a class in action. Once you do, YOU’LL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

Benefits of becoming a Bartender in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

  • Great second career or job while in school
  • Work in the evenings and/or weekends
  • Work Private Parties and Events with Premium Event Staffing
  • Earn Cash daily (Some Bartenders earn as much as $50 an hour)
  • Most of all, Bartending is a recession proof industry
  • Meet people in a fun social environment

Benefits of The Premium Institute of Bartending Schools

  • Only Bartending School in Dallas and Fort Worth to offer an Externship as part of the Bartending Program.
  • DFW’s #1 Choice in Bartender Training since 2007.
  • Only Bartending School in DFW that has locations in Dallas and Fort Worth.
  • Multiple DFW locations so we can better assist you in Job Placement.
  • Post-Graduate Support because you receive the assistance of our Job Placement Directors, and our elite  Graduate Website.
  • Nationwide Job Placement Assistance because of our partnerships with over 70 Bartending Schools across the country.
  • Opportunity to be on call with our Staffing Company; Premium Event StaffingMany of our students work and get paid for these Events PRIOR to graduating.
  • 100% of our 6000+ Graduates have said “Yes” to the question; “Would you refer the program to a friend?” (documented on Graduate Surveys).
  • TABC certifications received prior to graduation
  • Owners on site daily because you deserve to receive quality Bartending Training.
  • Learn to Bartend through hands-on-training in our fully functioning bar, not in a classroom.
  • ONLY Bartending School in DFW to teach students with various types of Bar Equipment, including soda guns and juice/soda gun combinations.
  • ONLY Bartending School in Dallas and Fort Worth to have a REAL Draft Beer System on-site.
  • FREE lifetime refresher training and extra practice.
  • A complete Bar set up including soda/juice bar guns, liquor bottles, ice bins, 14 different types of glasses, ice machine, flat screen TV, and much more.
  • Instructors who care about your success. This includes one-on-one training if needed.
  • Established relationships with Bars, Restaurants, Hotel, Event Venues, and more that recruit directly from our school.
  • A full-time Job Placement Director on site to help you become employed as a Bartender.
  • State Approved Bartending Program (Approved and Regulated by Texas Workforce Commission).



On-line Bartending Schools DO NOT PROVIDE You With:

  • Hands-On Training
  • Real bar experience
  • A Bar Environment
  • Bar Equipment
  • Post graduate support
  • Regulated by any state agencies
  • Interaction with a Teacher
  • Local Market Presence

The Premium Institute of Bartending Schools Provide You With:

  • Hands-On Training
  • Tons of Bar Equipment to Learn and Practice With
  • Job Placement
  • Real Bar-Like Learning Environment
  • Quality Bartending Training from Experienced Instructors
  • Externships


Bartending School

In conclusion, pursue your dream of being a bartender with our Dallas and Fort Worth Bartending School.  We’re the school that teaches you how to bartend.